Apple Music

Apple Music is among the most used music listening platforms in the world. The platform, which was first introduced to us in 2015, currently has millions of users and the number of subscribers is increasing day by day. The platform, which has shown improvements compared to the day it was first introduced, tries to offer a good experience to its users. Although the application has many useful features, some features annoy users. In this article, we will tell you 5 reasons to stop using Apple Music. Insufficient number of parts suwalki

  1. Apple’s Music app has more than 70 million tracks. Although the number of these tracks is high, it unfortunately lags behind some competitors such as Spotify. This situation causes some users to not be able to listen to the songs they want. This may cause users to cancel their application subscriptions.
  2. Troubles in music management bieszczadzka24

  1. You can create your own playlist and listen to tracks on Apple Music. However, in parts management, the application lags behind other platforms. Especially when you choose a track without a playlist, it does not offer you
  2. a track suitable for your musical taste and asks you to choose a new track from the application. This annoys users and causes them to cancel their subscriptions.

Unable to search Playlists mojradom
Apple Music users can listen to their favorite music by making playlists. Although playlists are created, searching for tracks in these lists is not allowed. If you have a playlist with many tracks, it takes a long time to find the track you want. Tracks not starting

  1. When you press the song you want to listen to on major platforms such as Spotify, the music starts instantly and offers you a good experience. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Apple Music app. Sometimes
  2. the song you want to listen to takes a long time to start, which greatly affects your listening experience.
  1. Unable to follow artists
    One of the worst aspects of the app is the inability to track artists. Through applications such as YouTube Music, users can follow the artists they want and be informed about their latest tracks. Unfortunately, this
  2. feature is not available to users in Apple Music. This bothers some users.

Domestic cryptocurrency exchanges continue to increase their popularity. However, incoming information shows that the interest in question comes not only from companies but also from international companies. After the name of Bit├ži was mentioned with Binance in the past days, another bomb came for BTC Turk and Coinbase. According to the news of Mergermarket, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA and with millions of users around the world, took action to purchase BTC Turk. The money that the company sacrificed for this purchase revealed the power of crypto. skarzysko24

How much will Coinbase pay for BTC Turk?,
According to the allegations that emerged, Coinbase sacrificed $ 3.2 billion to buy the Turkey-based crypto money exchange BTC Turk. The company, which is known to have been working to buy a company in our country for a while, has a value of 32 billion dollars in the stock market.

Both Coinbase and BTC Turk did not make an official statement regarding the huge purchase in question. Therefore, its accuracy has not yet been fully proven. However, Mergermarket claimed that a preliminary contract was signed last week and technical due diligence is ongoing, which could affect the price of the deal.

At the same time, it is also among the information that the payment will not be all cash and some of it will be realized as Coinbase shares. While it remains unclear why Coinbase chose our country for such an investment, experts emphasized that the interest in crypto money is an important factor.